Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Every year, an Easter Egg Hunt is held for the SEBTS faculty and children in the backyard of a faculty member. Georgia and Baxter enjoy this annual festivity, and Baxter especially 'got into it' this year for the first time. Of course, once he realized that the eggs held candy, he tried to open each egg before moving on to another one :-) It was a fun afternoon!

Georgia was industrious in her egg finding! Hunting also provided an opportunity for math, as each child had a limit on the number of eggs, so we stopped several times to count the eggs. To quote a Leap Frog video, "Math is everywhere!"

See what the egg holds? The candy in Baxter's hand!

This is the "show me your eggs, kids" picture!

Daddy will help open the eggs! (and possibly snitch a few pieces of candy too...)

The men holding a pow-wow while the kids are hunting

Children gathered around for Mrs. Cindy's telling of Christ's death, burial and resurrection--the Easter story

Right after I took this picture, Baxter started grabbing handfuls of grass and throwing them in the lap of Sam, the boy in the orange shirt. Too funny!

Georgia and Olivia, one of Georgia's most favorite people in the world

Date taken: April 15, 2011

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