Wednesday, May 04, 2011

River? No, Lake!

Last month, I posted pictures of the river that runs through our yard when it rains. Two weeks ago, severe storms (including tornados) came through our area and dumped the most rain at one time that we have seen. The small "river" that normally runs through our front yard turned into a standing lake! Thankfully, the water went down pretty quickly, though it washed away a good bit of mulch and topsoil from the flowers around my mailbox. We lost power for about five hours, but that was the worst of the damage to us. On the other side of Wake Forest, a tornado touched down and destroyed several homes (tornados also hit parts of downtown Raleigh as well). We rejoice that our only damage was a short-term lake in our front yard!

Date taken: April 16, 2011

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Kevin Schaub said...

Yeah, that's quite a drainage problem. Probably goes all the way back to the developer not taking care of it in the first place. I would be suprised if there is anything you can do other than have a trench dug that would divert water away from your front yard, and/or a drain diverter that would take the water underground to the point where it does into the road.