Friday, May 06, 2011

First campfire of 2011

A few weeks ago we had some friends over for S'Mores by the campfire. We LOVE our firepit, and enjoy the chance to roast marshmellows and hang out with friends when the weather is pleasant.

Baxter wanted to take a picture with my camera. Or maybe he was begging for a marshmellow...

Baxter started a new game this night--he would walk up to someone, pinch their arm, and they would howl in pain or say "Ouch!" really loudly, or just generally make a crazy noise, which would make Baxter cackle with glee. And then he would pinch someone else (he doesn't pinch too hard, thankfully), and await their exaggerated response. He is pinching Candi in the picture below

Snuggles by the campfire :-)

Just an aside--we bought 'telescoping rods' from Target last year that we LOVE. They have two prongs on the end of a telescoping rod (hence the name) with a plastic handle. Stick the marshmellow on the end, extend the rod and roast away! It certainly beats a coat hanger anyday!

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