Saturday, May 07, 2011

Walking for LIFE--4000 Steps

April 30 dawned bright and beautiful, and perfectly clear day for a walk. We had to take the van into the mechanic's shop for repairs (that's another story), so we dropped it off at there and walked to the location of the event. After checking in and getting a few instructions, everyone was off walking around beautiful downtown Wake Forest.

Georgia wanted to walk with her friend Grace. That lasted for part of the walk, and then she got too tired, and dropped back to walk with another friend. And then that friend's kind mommy carried Georgia the rest of the walk. Love our true friends!

Some of my team--we were the "Finnlings and Friendlings" team. Keep scrolling to see my kids' shirts:-)

Baxter took this photo. It's a fun picture from his point of view!

Amber announced the final total raised for the walk: $103,000! May God get all the glory! I personally raised much more than I thought I would, and to my wonderful sponsors--thank you thank you thank you! That's my back in the kelly green shirt below (I made the $1000 club, and all of us were gathered around the stage).

Last but not least, the FINNLINGS:

Date taken: April 30, 2011

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