Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life with the Finnlings

Since it has been AGES since I posted last, I thought I would catch you up on life with the Finnlings!

Georgia is 4 1/2 years old and grows taller and more eloquent every day. She is tall for her age, and I find it hard to keep her in appropriate length clothes and the right size shoes! Fun facts about Georgia:
*she loves the pool this year! last year she was whiny and clingy, but between swimming lessons (best investment ever!) and the discovery that she can walk along the shallow end by herself, she has LOVED pool time.
*her vocabulary amazes me--recently she told me something was "marvelous". Really, what child talks like that? But the downside is...
*she talks NON STOP! She is very inquisitive and asks questions about everything, whether it is what happens next in the book or movie that she knows, or the constant "what are we going to do today?" If anyone has an answer to the "what are we going to do today?" question, I'd love to hear it!
*she sings her sentences a lot. I'd like to thank Annie from Little Einsteins for that! Georgia loves to sing "Mommy, what are we having for lunch" or something similar to a classical music tune (usually something from the Nutcracker Suite)
*she is an affectionate girl who responds well to attention and affection. She does NOT respond well to discipline, and when she has to be spanked she throws an amazing fit of screaming
*she LOVES popsicles right now (though I suppose she would eat them year round)
*princesses and fairies are still among her favorites

Baxter is 2 1/2 and a bundle of energy. Though he likes to go and do, he is also a sensitive, affectionate little guy. Fun facts about Bax:
*he too loves the water! He doesn't have quite the daredevil skills he had last year, but he enjoys playing in the water and splashing around.
*my husband was out of the country for 12 days recently, and during that time, Baxter seemed to 'revert' to a childishness he didn't have before. He was fussier about things, cried more, and claimed he couldn't do things that I knew he could (like using utensils for his food). I think it was a way to claim attention, and we are still working through it now
*he loves cars and trucks and things with wheels! He has several matchbox cars, and each one serves a different purpose. Heaven forbid if you can't find the exact right blue car when he wants it!
*he has developed more sound effects, from cars racing to bombs going off to crashes by various vehicles. He loves it when his daddy sings "the wheels on the bus" but he inserts "the gun/dragon/bomb on the bus" for fun sound effects (I promise we aren't a violent family)
*he truly is the most affectionate boy. He likes to snuggle and hug, and is getting better about sharing that love with his older sister in addition to his mommy and daddy.
*he loves men. We just returned from a vacation with Nathan's family, and Baxter would have loved for it to have been a men's only trip. He adores his Papa (Nathan's daddy), and thought Uncle Patrick was a lot of fun too
*we saw a little league baseball game this summer (see above picture), and aside from digging in the dirt, Baxter thought the game was super cool. He kept trying to grab baseball bats!

Eleanor is 5 1/2 months old, and is truly a bundle of joy. God has graciously blessed us with happy, easy going babies, and Eleanor is the most mellow of all my children! Fun facts about Eleanor:
*she is a CHUNK! For being the smallest of my babies at birth, she rapidly caught up to her siblings and has good amounts of chubby baby-ness :-) I love the little rolls at her ankles and hands, and the dimples on her fingers
*similar to her siblings, she loves the water. When introduced to the pool recently, she wanted to put her face in the water. I pray this love of water continues through her whole life
*she has been sleeping through the night for a couple of months now at least. None of my kids slept through the night 'immediately' or 'early', but Eleanor has settled into it quite naturally
*she truly does not fuss much at all. She loves to be held and talked to, but she can entertain herself on the floor or in her bouncy seat for a long time as well.
*she does not mind other people holding her. One day during our vacation she met Nathan's three grandparents, all of whom held her. That was in addition to Mimi, Papa, Uncle Patrick and Aunt Anita being around, and yet with all those new faces/hands, she did not fuss or get upset
*she loves her older siblings. They can always make her laugh
*she is a great nurser, but has entered the easily distracted phase where at times she wants to play more than eat ;-)
*she CAN roll over, but she mostly just rolls from side to side right now!

I am truly blessed to call these children my own! We have our struggles and challenges, but nothing that is impossible to handle, by God's grace and through His strength. Thanks for letting me share a little about our lives with you!

This post was originally posted on Prayer of Hannah earlier today.

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