Thursday, June 23, 2011

May-June in our lives

Life for the Finns has been particularly busy over the past few weeks. Want to know what we've been up to?

May 19-20 -- Graduation activities at SEBTS (involved receptions, childcare, graduation activities, parties, and more)
May 30 (Memorial Day) -- Nathan left for South Asia for 12 days
May 31 -- Leah and the kids travel to Atlanta to visit family (we visit the zoo, see a little league game, and have lots of fun in the pool)
June 4 -- Leah and the kids return from Georgia
June 7 -- Baxter and then Leah come down with nasty stomach bug, spend all day Wednesday recuperating
June 10/11 -- Nathan comes home from South Asia after traveling for 30+ hours (he arrived at midnight, so it was the 10/11 :-)
June 13 -- the entire Finn family travels to St. Augustine, Fl, for a week at the beach with Nathan's parents, brother and sister-in-law
June 15 -- Eleanor gets to meet her great grandparents--Nanny, Grandmommy and Granddaddy! And...that night, Nathan contracts THE BUG!
June 16 -- Nathan is laid up with the bug (it's truly nasty, my friends)
June 18 -- We start back from FL to NC. Georgia complains of not feeling well, and throws up twice in the van. We decide to detour to Waycross and spend the day there. Georgia bounces back quickly, and we have a wonderful time with N's parents.
June 19 -- Back on the road to NC, we finally make it home! Just breathe :-)

As you can tell, life has been more than a little crazy for us. The nasty stomach bug hit almost all of us, and boy, was it terrible! Thankfully, we are back in Wake Forest now, and we are trying our hardest to return to normal. It's a slow process!

In other fun news, one of my best friends, Kim, just got engaged to the worship pastor at our church, Eric. I am having a lot of fun helping with wedding planning--it's even more fun when it's not my wedding :-) We are so excited to see how the Lord has led Kim and Eric to each other, and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will bless their marriage.

Nathan and I started Couch to 5 K program this week in an effort to improve our health. We've completed two days--so far so good!

That's a summary of our life in the past few weeks--pictures to come soon!

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Erin said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry! I didn't know Nathan and Georgia had come down with it as well, and while out of town! So not fun. You certainly have been busy.