Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caterpillars, caterpillars everywhere!

Do you see them? Look closely...

They're everywhere! Caterpillars, that is! We noticed on our first morning walk Monday morning that there were a lot of caterpillars (and by a lot, I mean hundreds) in the trees across our street. We checked the tree in our yard, and the same was true--it is covered in caterpillars!

They are eating their way through the leaves on the trees in our neighborhood, or at least a few of the trees. We have checked on them each day, and they are moving up higher up the tree to eat more leaves. I stood and watched one little guy eat his way down a leaf. As I could almost hear it chewing, I marveled at the wonders of God's creation. We are keeping an eye on these caterpillars and will let you know when the butterflies/moths appear!

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