Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The perils of the doctor's office

Today, I took Baxter to the doctor's office for his three year well check. He is perfectly normal and growing and developing well, as we expected. Even a couple of our concerns (his frequent "my tummy hurts" comments, and lack of, um, grown-up poopy [sorry!]) do not bother the doctor--he just seems to be a boy with a sensitive stomach.

We were in the examination room, waiting for the nurse to bring the flu vaccine for Baxter. B was pushing around the round stool with wheels that the doctors sit on, and he slipped and fell--onto the radiator heater on the floor. He banged his face pretty hard, as you can see in the pictures below--scrapes on his forehead and cheek and a small cut on his nose. Though he was screaming, no one came rushing in to check on him :-) I stepped out of the room and asked for a rag to wipe his face, and a nurse quickly got me an ice pack and offered to send the doctor back in. So Baxter got an immediate doctor's check on his injury! Verdict, nothing broken, just soft tissue bruising that may swell and turn pretty colors. Baxter left the office proudly sporting a bandaid on his forehead, showing his battle wounds from his doctor's visit.

In the craziness at the end of his appointment, I did not get the paper that shows his height/weight and percentiles. I hope to obtain it from our doctor's office in the near future, so I can have a record of his size at this age.

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Tara said...

Poor Baxter! Glad he is okay though it must've really hurt!