Monday, October 24, 2011


On Wednesday morning, Georgia and Baxter woke up early complaining of tummy troubles. Baxter often complains that his stomach hurts, so we might have ignored it if Georgia had not said she needed a trash can to throw up. My poor, sweet G apparently inherited what I call my 'easy eject' stomach, and she has vomited more than many little girls her age. She is old enough and experienced enough to know the signs and be ready for them. We pulled them into our room so we could keep an eye on them, and sure enough, they started throwing up about an hour later. They were so sick! It was my first experience with two children hanging over two trashcans, sometimes even throwing up at the same time (perhaps triggering each other?). They were so sick that at ten in the morning, after watching multiple Netflix shows, they asked me to turn the television off because they were too tired to watch. This is what they looked like:

Truth be told, I looked like I was sick too. I didn't bother getting dressed or ready that morning since I was staying home, and I couldn't get a shower because I couldn't leave the kids alone! But I didn't take a picture of myself :-) In the midst of the craziness of a stomach bug, I had a beautiful moment with my children. After I had turned the television off, I sat on the couch between the kids, and had Georgia and Baxter snuggling up against me. I asked them if I could sing to them, if that would make them feel better, and they agreed. So for a few treasured moments, I was able to hold my babies in my arms and sing to them like they were babies again. I loved it. I treasure that beauty in the middle of sickness. I am grateful that mommy's touch and time are still soothing to my children. I know that won't last forever! Praise Jesus, the stomach bug did not last forever--G carried the sickness over through Thursday, and was better by her (and my) birthday on Friday.

Date taken: October 19, 2011


Tara said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that they were both sick at the same time! That happened to our family right after the Sams were born, but Jamie and I got it at the same time too! So there were 4 of us fighting over the trash cans and commodes. No fun at all. Thank goodness you didn't get it and could sing/snuggle with your babies!

Erin said...

Oh, bless their hearts! So sick they asked you to turn off the TV? Yikes!! I've had L turn away from it and not watch it, but I've never had him ask me me to turn it off.