Tuesday, October 18, 2011

State Fair 2011, pt. 3--Food and Faces

We ate our fair lunch right behind a face painting booth, and Georgia asked to have her face painted. We have never done that before, so though it was unplanned, we decided to go for it. When she sat down and the lady asked her what she wanted, she exclaimed "A pig!" The booth had multiple 'faces' displayed around it, and she had pointed out the pig face and giggled about it, but Nathan and I were both shocked that she chose pig over 'butterfly' or 'fairy princess' or something. And yet, she didn't stop smiling once her face was painted. She loved it, and you have to admit, she is the cutest little pig ever.

Then it was Baxter's turn, and he promptly asked for a pig too. The lady painting faces suggested a cow instead, and he agreed. Again, what a precious cow I have!

Just for proof we were at the fair, a shot of Dorton Arena and the crowds

Everywhere we walked through the fair, people commented about how cute the little pig and cow were, and I cannot agree more!

They loved looking at themselves in the mirrors on Herbie

Eleanor was at the fair! She was just in the stroller most of the time

See? we did take her!

My fair treat--a specialty apple (Chocolate A La Orange)- delicious!

Date taken: October 15, 2011


Tara said...

The picture of Georgia is so beautiful! What a genuine, happy, natural smile!!! You can tell she loved being a pig :) And your apple does look divine! Yummy!

Erin said...

Definitely the cutest pig and cow I've ever seen! And I can't believe how long E's hair is getting. She looks so grown up all of the sudden!