Sunday, November 13, 2011

Days of Thanksgiving--Nov. 13

This weekend has been a little difficult. It has not worked out in the way I thought it should, but I see a greater plan than mine in place, and for that I am thankful. Nathan is preaching today at Central Baptist Church Waycross, GA for their homecoming service. Central is Nathan's home church, and this is a special opportunity for him to minister to that congregation. We had planned a short weekend trip to visit his family and attend Sunday morning services.

But then Georgia's cough got worse--she had had it for several days, running a fever at least once, and it wasn't going away. Thursday morning the doctor diagnosed her with bronchitis and prescribed an antibiotic. Baxter had a mild cough too, and suddenly Eleanor was sneezing and coughing everywhere. Oh, and did I mentioned that I felt like someone was sitting on my chest? No real cough or congestion, just a tightening that I knew was not a good sign. I met up with a friend for coffee Thursday night, and when I came home, my voice was gone completely.

Friday morning Nathan and I reevaluated our travel plans. G was still coughing and sounding nasty. Eleanor was starting to blow snot everywhere. My voice was shot, and I was growing more congested and 'sick'. Baxter still had a cough, but he could breathe easily, had good color, and was generally normal minus a mild cough. So Nathan packed up Baxter and they left on their first father-son trip to Waycross while the Finn girls stayed home.  I fought tears a lot on Friday. I wanted us all to go, I didn't want to be home alone, I didn't want my boys to leave me. Baxter has never been away from Georgia for that long! He has been away from me/me and Nathan a couple of times, but never his sisters. Nathan has never traveled with the kids alone before.

And you know what? Nathan and Baxter are having a ball. Mimi and Papa, Nathan's parents, are having a wonderful time showering my little guy with special attention that he rarely gets. Both of my kids love their grandparents, but Baxter was REALLY excited to see Mimi and Papa while Georgia was just so-so about it (probably b/c she was sick). Baxter has done really well traveling, and sleeping, and eating, and entertaining everyone with his Star Wars song. And for that I am thankful. There are so many memories being created this weekend, and I am thankful for that.

Meanwhile, back at the Finn Ranch, the girls are recuperating and resting and getting better. We are resting and sleeping and watching lots and lots of movies. I am thankful for this sweet time with just my girls. I am especially thankful that my children love each other. Georgia loves to play with and love on Eleanor, and Eleanor loves to 'tackle' Georgia. Georgia and Baxter enjoy being together and miss each other greatly when they are apart (they have both asked to talk to the other every day--it is so sweet). 

So today I am thankful for plans that are better than mine, for children who love their grandparents and travel well to see them, for children who love each other and have so much fun together, and for a husband who braved a trip alone with a toddler. God is good.

Here are a few pictures of G and E playing together yesterday--at one point E "tackled" G :-)

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