Friday, November 11, 2011

Wedding weekend festivities

My best friend, Kim, got married on October 8, and I was blessed to be a part of her wedding weekend. She had just two attendants and we had a wonderful time of fellowship and preparation leading up to her wedding day.

The day before the wedding, Kim, Rachael (Maid of Honor), Ali (mother of the groom), Dianne (mother of the bride) and I went to lunch at Vivace's in North Hills. The food was delicious and the conversation was sweet and encouraging. Later the girls 'got their nails done' before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I will admit--it was a long weekend of continual activities--but I had so much fun! It has been a joy to walk with Kim and Eric through their relationship and wedding preparations. I was honored beyond measure to participate in their wedding ceremony. Nathan and I both agree that it was the most Christ honoring wedding ceremony we had attended. We sang "songs about Jesus" as Georgia calls them as part of the wedding ceremony, heard a wonderful sermon from Andy Davis on Ephesians 5, and witnessed many people praying over Kim and Eric's marriage.  Eric, the groom, is the worship pastor at my church, and I am SO EXCITED that Kim will be a part of my church and we can serve our church body together. Enjoy the pictures below of that fun weekend!

Kim was sweet enough to think about me, and give me a birthday gift with my bridesmaid's goodies--I LOVE my Boylan's sodas!

Bridesmaid goodies from Kim (the bracelet on the upper left was my stunning birthday gift:-)

Bridal luncheon--Rachael, Ali (mother of groom), Dianne (mother of bride), me, and the bride

Jeremy, Nathan and Andy cutting up during rehearsal

Beautiful, simple centerpiece for the rehearsal dinner

The bride and groom--already making the same facial expressions and gestures

Drippy candle--love it!

Kim's hair was beautiful!

Getting the final touches put on!

My gorgeous glowing friend!

Almost married!!

I was so honored and blessed to be a part of Kim's special day!

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Thank you friend - I hadn't seen all these pictures!