Saturday, January 21, 2012

All aboard the Polar Express Van!

I read this idea online somewhere (I posted about it on Facebook but don't want to scroll all the way back to November/December to find it now:-), and knew that we had to incorporate into our Christmas traditions. My big kids love the movie "The Polar Express", and so the Friday before Christmas they found two tickets in their Advent Calendar admitting them to the "Polar Express Van" to see Christmas lights. They wore their pajamas, slippers and bathrobes like the kids in the movie. I did not serve hot chocolate or any treats, because I wanted them to sleep when we returned, but it was still a magical time! If you can't tell by the huge grins on their faces, they loved every minute of it.

Excited about going on the Polar Express


Daddy is the conductor who punches the tickets!

Unlike the movie, though, he did not punch the tickets behind his back :-)

The kids got punches that matched their age--5 for Georgia and 3 for Baxter. Daddy punched the tickets again when they got off the train, I mean, van

Below are shots of some of the lights we saw in Wake Forest. We did not drive all over town, but chose just a few neighborhood to 'hit'--and that was fine. The kids were thrilled with ANY kind of Christmas lights, even just a simple strand around a porch or in a tree. They delighted in the bigger displays too. It was a magical, memory-making, fun time with the kids that I look forward to repeating next year.

Date taken: December 23, 2011

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