Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy first day of spring!

Spring started off today with an amazing sky full of blue/gray clouds on one side and bright sunshine on the other. This created a stunning rainbow that seemed to end in the woods across from our house. The clouds obscured it from our view, but other parts of Wake Forest/Raleigh saw a full rainbow. Georgia and Baxter sat on the front porch just staring at the rainbow for a long time. After the rainbow faded, the rains came through, and the bigs wanted to run outside and play in it. The first picture is of the rainbow, and the second is a sweet moment of G playing just as the rains started (before there was any thunder or lightning, which did happen).

Rejoicing in the spring rains, at beautiful rainbows, and the opportunities to discuss the story of Noah with my children. Happy Spring!

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