Monday, April 16, 2012

Christmas Thank You cards

I was raised to write thank you notes after receiving gifts. Truthfully, I did pretty well at thank you notes until I had children, and then the number of gifts seemed to overwhelm my ability to send thank you notes. So I apologize to all my family and friends who for many years have thought me ungrateful and greedy. Now that my children are old enough to help, I hope we will be writing thank you notes more often. But don't count on it! For Georgia's notes, I wrote the 'body' of the letter, but left a blank for her to write the recipient's name and to sign her name as well. For Baxter, I wrote the entire note and just let him color on the back. It worked for both. Note Georgia's cute 'backward S' and 'extra line E'. I have not worked on handwriting with her in any serious manner; just workbook pages here and there, and having her write her own name. Poor child might be forming her letters incorrectly for life since I've not bothered with it before now :-)

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