Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Visiting our old stomping grounds

In February, Nathan received the Ministerial Alumni of the Year award from our alma mater, Brewton-Parker College in Mount Vernon, GA. We drove down to Nathan's parents for the weekend, left the kids with Mimi and Papa, and spent a few hours on our college campus attending the awards ceremony and having lunch. We were able to meet the new president and visit with several faculty members. It was good to be back at BPC and revisit our 'old stomping grounds.' Nathan and I fell in love while at BPC, and so we enjoyed the chance to walk around the campus and reminisce. 

This is the BEST picture I got of Nathan receiving the award. Picture taking FAIL on my part!

Practice Room #4--MY practice room. Not literally, because we were not assigned rooms, but every piano major preferred a certain room because of the piano, and this one was mine. I spent many hours there...but probably not as many as my professor would have wished!

A few years ago, BPC emptied this pond, cleaned it out and refilled it/restocked it. It is so very pretty now, with extra benches around the edge, paddleboats, and a dock for feeding the fish :-)

The little chapel--such a sweet, picturesque setting!

My attempt to take a picture of me and Nathan ended up with just me. Not too bad, but not what I was aiming for!

Ah, still in love 12 years later on the campus where it all began! We praise the Lord for sending us to BPC if for no other reason than we met each other.

Date taken: February 11, 2012

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