Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Coffee with my family

We made a trip to Georgia to visit both sides of the family at the beginning of August, which was a lot of fun (and rather exhausting, being that we were on the road a LOT in six days!). I did not take pictures while in Waycross, but I did manage to take a few while in Atlanta. We planned to have brunch with my siblings and my mom at The Flying Biscuit--and I was very excited about having this renowned restaurant for the first time. After struggling to find parking in the Candler Park district of Atlanta, we walked up to The Flying Biscuit to inquire about our reservation, only to learn that though they told my sister they did take reservations--they actually did not. Our party (of 7-8 people) would have had to wait 45 minutes, so we left and got coffee at San Francisco Coffee around the corner. Note: it was good food and coffee, just a little disappointing b/c we wanted something different. The Organic/Fair Trade Mexican whole bean coffee we bought there is delicious, though! Anyway, it was a fun time with my mother, sister, brother and brother-in-law.

Date taken: August 5, 2012

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Erin said...

Mid week for dinner is the best time to hit The Flying Biscuit. We tend to go to the one up Peachtree Industrial, near The Forum Shops. Small, but typically much less crowded. However, we would *never* try to eat there for breakfast! LOL