Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Southern Baptist Convention 2012 (New Orleans, LA), pt. 1

Nathan and I were able to attend the Southern Baptist Convention's Annual Meeting in New Orleans in June. My amazing sister kept my three kids so that we could travel without them. Shortly after we landed in New Orleans, we HAD to go check out the renowned Cafe Du Monde with our dear friends Micah and Tracy Fries. Oh, it was worth the trip to NO for the beignets and Cafe Au Lait, the specialties of Cafe Du Monde (we went back again a few days later because we couldn't get enough--and we ran into friends each time!).

The cafe is open air, with lots of seating for its many fans, and street musicians often performing right outside its 'doors'

The beignets--imagine the best, thickest parts of a funnel cake--that's what a beignet tastes like.

Cafe Au Lait

The best thing about the SBC--spending time with dear friends like Micah and Tracy Fries

Nathan and Micah--there's trouble!

A more accurate picture of the two of them :-)

Me and my sweetie!

We practically licked the plates, and went away with a nice dusting of powdered sugar!
Date taken: June 17, 2012

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Erin said...

If you aren't covered in powdered sugar when you leave Cafe Du Monde, you didn't do it right! LOL