Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Six year old molars!

Georgia will six years old in October. 

Excuse my brief pause while I catch my breath at that possibility. My firstborn, SIX? really? She's old enough to have to use two hands to show her age? Not possible.

But I digress. Anyway, she is almost six years old, and though I know that a set of molars comes in around six years of age, it was not on my radar. G has not lost any teeth yet, and none are even loose, so in my mind, the molars couldn't possibly be arriving yet.

And then, while we were out of town (August 3 to be precise), I was checking her teeth after she had brushed and realized, "Wait! There's an extra set of teeth there!" Her bottom two molars are partially broken through. What a difference a few years makes though, because there have been no complaints about her mouth hurting, no weeping or wailing (more than usual, ha!), no fevers. Just one day, BOOM, there they are! I was caught off guard but excited, as was Georgia. She loved showing her daddy and grandparents her "new six-year teeth!"

Precious girl, don't grow up too fast. Mommy cannot handle it. 

Excuse the shadows--my camera is not equipped to take pictures of molars.

Date taken: August 6, 2012

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Erin said...

There is always much (literal) wailing and (figurative) gnashing of teeth when L has teeth coming in or on the move (like if the big teeth are moving and baby teeth are starting to get loose). He gets *so* grumpy!! I thought it might get better as he got older, and 6yr molars weren't as bad as his legendary 2yr molars, but still. Glad she is handling hers much better!