Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mmm-mmm good Macaroni & Cheese

Last week my throat started hurting. And then it got worse, to the point on Saturday morning that I was almost in tears every time I swallowed. Lo and behold, I had strep throat and thrush (I know, the thrush is weird, but I had it). The nurse practitioner at the urgent care looked in my throat and said "Yes, I can see that that would be rather painful." !! The pain started easing up by Sunday evening, though it really wasn't gone until Tuesday or Wednesday.

All I have wanted since this virus began is to eat bland yet filling foods. Mashed potatoes sounded good. Grits as well. Creamy macaroni and cheese. I satisfied myself with a couple of 'chicken noodle soup in a can' days, but that was gross, so Nathan picked up Chili's to-go and I indulged in their potato soup (delish!). It definitely hit the spot.

This long explanation is leading up to the fact that on Monday I felt a little better and decided to make homemade macaroni and cheese. I wanted a good creamy, yet hearty recipe, so I went immediately to Pioneer Woman. And her basic macaroni and cheese did NOT disappoint at all. I would repost it here, but she does a much better job of taking pictures and detailing the steps on her blog. So you should try her Macaroni and Cheese, and let me know how you like it. I used Cheddar, Parmesan, and little Mozzarella for this batch. I halved the recipe and we ate it all! Sigh. Now I want some more...

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Erin said...

That is more or less the recipe I use. Interesting that I use the same amount of roux (4 Tbsp flour and butter) and almost the same amount of milk (2 cups for mine), but only half the cheese (8 oz) and pasta (8 oz). We like half sharp (or extra sharp) cheddar and half fontina/swiss. I don't care for "eggy" mac and cheese. Does just the one egg make it eggy, or only creamy? Might try her ratios sometime when I'm feeling adventurous.