Thursday, September 06, 2012

Welcome home, Lucy!

A family in our church, Andy and Sheryl, recently traveled to China to bring home their adopted daughter, Lucy. Family members, church members, and friends all gathered at the airport to welcome them home with signs, balloons, gifts, and lots of cheers and tears. It was a wonderful time for the church body to visibly support this family as they live out the gospel of Jesus Christ through adoption. I hope to be attending many more of these 'welcome home' parties from our church body!

Georgia had a lot of fun making the sign, and was quite proud of it!

However, when we got to the airport, she ditched our sign for helping to hold up a large banner, and Baxter held the sign for a long time. Isn't he cute?

We were all waiting anxiously, hanging out, chatting, signing a 'guestbook' for Lucy. Nathan and I think there were 60-80 people there waiting. What a blessing!

We think we see them...

There they are!! Welcome home, Andy, Sheryl and Lucy!!

We rejoice in God's blessings on the Lynch family, and look forward to watching Lucy grow over the years!

Date taken: August 30, 2012

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