Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baxter and Seefan

Baxter and Seefan, the youngest Russell, are pretty close in age, and they had a lot of fun playing together. This series of pictures of the two of them on a gorilla statue at the zoo captures their silliness. Love it!

Funny Baxter & Seefan story: We attended church that Sunday at Ninth & O Baptist, where the Russells are members. Baxter and Seefan were in the same class that morning. When I went to pick up Baxter, they had a hard time locating him--he was pinned under Seefan, wrestling with him! Too funny.

Baxter just saw my post, pointed to Seefan and said "Hey, that's the Russell boy! And me!" 

Date taken: September 21, 2012

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