Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I feel old

Why do I feel old?

*I have a birthday coming up on Sunday. Georgia calculated that the combined number of candles on our shared birthday cake (since we share a birthday) would be 40 -- AND THAT'S A LOT!! (her words, and my thoughts).

*Now that Nathan has been teaching for over five years, and we have been attending prospective student weekends for that long, I recently realized that I was closer in age to the parents of the potential college students that the students themselves. That wasn't always the case...and hey, it took me a long time to get there, but I'm definitely closer to the parents of rising freshmen then the freshmen themselves.

*My birthday is this weekend, and as I was thinking about gift ideas for myself, the thought actually popped into my mind:
"My DustBuster is broken. I need a new one. I could get that for my birthday. Or, you know, we only have six teaspoons. Silverware--that'd be good." When did I turn into my mother??

*We are in the process of refinancing our house. When we signed our paperwork to buy our home, we said then that we felt like 'real' adults. But this, the process of refinancing, is when we are REALLY adults. I mean, only really old people have owned a house long enough to refinance it, right?

So these are my reasons for feeling old. That and the gray hairs I find. And the continual tiredness I feel. But both of those could be blamed on my kids (both outside the womb and inside the womb!).

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