Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finn Family Fun at the Fair: Ferris Wheel

The Finnlings got to choose one ride at the fair, and they opted for the Ferris Wheel. The line for the ride was extremely long, so Eleanor and I hung out and saw the sights of the fair while the kids and Nathan waited in line and rode the ride.

She's got a ticket to ride--actually a whole sheet of tickets! The Ferris Wheel took all of our tickets, but the kids enjoyed it greatly, and it was worth the cost of tickets and time.

Waiting in line

Oooh, that's a big ride!

Nathan is looking at me in this picture below--he is wearing his orange Durham Bulls hat, and you can 'track' them  through the photos by looking for his hat (Baxter's hat matches as well)

That's Nathan and Baxter looking out from their seat on the Ferris Wheel

Even though the wait was long, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the Ferris Wheel, and were not in the slightest afraid of it. Nathan said he had to corral them in their seats--they were eager to be standing and looking out over everything!

Date taken: October 20, 2012

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