Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Finn Family Fun at the Fair: Face Painting and Other Adventures

Last year, one of our unexpected treats at the fair was G and B getting their faces painted (they were a pig and a cow respectively). So, this year, when they were making plans about all they were going to do, face painting was at the top of the list. The problem was deciding exactly what they wanted to be. Georgia pretty quickly opted for a butterfly, but Baxter bounced between dinosaur/dragon/skeleton. We vetoed the skeleton and I suggested a pirate. Can I just say that my kids are beautiful and handsome, but for some reason they are even MORE beautiful and handsome with the face painting! 

She takes my breath away. And this shot makes me want to deny her access to makeup until she's thirty. Gracious!

This mischievous little pirate is perfect for Baxter's personality, and don't you love the little earring in his ear? Adorable.

The kids wandered through the Field of Dreams, picking NC produce, taking it to be weighed and 'purchased', and using the 'money' to buy a goodies bag that had apples and pickles. The kids had a lot of fun, and enjoyed their free snack. Baxter has found a new love of pickles :-)

There were several police vehicles on display, including this gorgeous throwback. We all loved it!

In the Village of Yesteryear, we discovered a potter (William and Pamela Kennedy's booth) who had beautiful wares for sale. I actually had my eye on a coffee mug that I saw on our first trip to the fair, but by the time we returned that Saturday they were sold out :-( Georgia was fascinated by HOW the pottery was shaped, so the kind lady told her to come back and she would show her. Georgia, of course, remembered, so before we left the fair she and I went back into the Village to ask about a demonstration. The lady recognized Georgia (several hours later), cleaned off her potters wheel and went to work. A crowd quickly gathered to watch her throw a vase. It was amazing to watch (biblical illustrations in action, anyone? Isaiah 45:9; Isaiah 64:8; Romans 9:21), and I am so grateful for the time this craftsman took to show this to my daughter. Note: these pictures were taken with my ipod, and so are fuzzier than normal.

I didn't get a coffee mug,, but I did buy this beautiful pendant, which is a shard from their pottery. Apparently, this couple uses crystals on their pottery when they fire it, which creates stunning color combinations and unusual (and unpredictable) patterns. I love it! Now I just need the perfect necklace on which to hang it.

Thanks for reading my many posts about the fair. If you live in NC, be sure to check it out next year!

Date taken: October 20, 2012

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