Monday, October 15, 2012

Trip to Louisville -- part 1 (new friends, new places)

We took a family trip to Louisville, Kentucky, in September, where Nathan was speaking at a conference at Southern Seminary. Nathan and I lived on the SBTS campus from summer 2002 to May 2004, while Nathan was a student there. He has had a chance to return several times, but this was my first trip back in eight years. It was a treat to see the campus, visit some favorite restaurants, catch up with old friends, and show our children a place that is so special to us!

When we drove into town, the first thing we did was meet our former neighbors, Jason and Michele, at Fat Jimmy's Pizza, one of our favorite places to eat. Nathan and Jason worked together in the archives at SBTS, and they loved to split the Tito-- so they did it this evening as well! We got to meet their little boy, Russell, for the first time, and they had not met our kiddos. The big kids hit it off, and enjoyed playing together in Russell's room when we went to his house for desserts. Thanks, Fowler family, for the wonderful time!!

Breakfast in the SBTScafeteria= tons of wonderful choices to eat, but what are the kids most excited about? The multiple cereal options available at every. single. meal. Fruity cereals. Cocoa puffs. Special K. They ate cereal every meal we were in the cafeteria.

The beautiful lawn of Southern Seminary--it is the spot of many memories for me and Nathan, and we loved being able to show it to our children! The kids loved running around the campus and enjoying the open spaces.


This is what I get when I ask the kids to pose for the camera. Pretty typical of my biggest two!

Date taken: September 20-21, 2012

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