Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update on Eleanor's ankle

If you remember, two weeks ago, Eleanor had a cast put on her lower left leg to help her sprained ankle heal. She learned to get around on that cast really well, praise the Lord! This past Friday, October 12, 2012, we returned  to the orthopedist to have the cast removed. A friend reminded me that they use a saw to remove the cast, and cautioned that Eleanor might panic over it. I stashed some fresh salt water taffy from the state fair in my bag to bribe her, and off we went.

The technician removing the cast showed us how the saw wouldn't hurt her by running it on his hand (still gave me the creeps, though), and worked on cutting off her cast while Eleanor sat in my lap.  I laughed when he started and told Eleanor that it tickled, and she giggled  too and NEVER FUSSED. It may have been the 'tickling sensation', or perhaps it was the candy I plied her with, but whatever the case, she didn't shed a tear or act scared at all. Eleanor was fascinated with her leg once the cast was off, looking at it and touching it like "what is that?" I confess, her foot and leg looked so tiny to me when the cast was off, and it had not even been on her leg very long!

The doctor examined her foot, opted to avoid the trauma of further xrays, and declared her healed (not literally, but he cleared her from returning to see him :-). It will take several days for her to adjust 'back' to walking normally, but if she still appears to favor her left foot after 7-10 days, we will be referred to a therapist who can help her correct that. After the doctor left the room, I attempted to put Eleanor's shoes on her feet, and for the first time since we arrived in the office, she cried (a LOT) over my putting a shoe on her left foot. It was loud enough that the doctor came back in and asked if she was crying over her shoes, and if it seemed like she was in pain. I have no idea why she did that, and I think the doctor is inclined to think it was just a reaction and not that she is still in pain (her ankle should be completely healed by now). She still doesn't want to wear those particular shoes, so I assume they are either too small, or she just doesn't like them!

So the saga of the first Finnling cast has come to an end. Time will tell if E needs therapy to help with her walking, but we are glad to have that inconvenient cast off her foot!! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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