Monday, November 19, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 19

I had a "regular" doctor's appointment today--you know, the standard 'go in, get weighed, check your blood pressure, listen to the baby's heartbeat.' It happens once a month, it's boring, and I wish I could skip it. But I'm a good mommy who wants to check on her baby, so I go.

Today, I mentioned to Baxter that he would play next door at the neighbor's house while I went to the doctor, and he asked to go with me. I didn't think much about it, because I didn't think he was serious. But later, I reconsidered, asked him if he wanted to go, and he agreed. I wasn't sure how well he would do--Bax is an active little boy who tends to get stir crazy after a while. But...

We had a wonderful time! The doctor's office had a few toys that he enjoyed playing with--all by himself, since there were no other kids in the office. I was concerned that we would have to wait for a long time because the doctor I was scheduled to see went into labor. However, we got in to our room quickly and were seen promptly by the 'fill-in' doctor. Baxter was intrigued by the examination room, and wanted to sit beside me on the little 'bed'. He watched closely while my blood pressure was taken, and kept asking about the 'blue stuff' the doctor put on my belly to hear the baby's heartbeat. When the doctor asked if he wanted a brother or sister, he quickly replied a sister, which surprised the doctor :-)

Baxter was as good as gold at the doctor's office. My sweet boy just wanted some time doing something without his sisters. He frequently will 'go and do' with his daddy,  but we don't often have mommy and son time. That is an oversight on my part, and our delightful time hanging out together at the doctor's office was a reminder of that. He is a sensitive, tender-hearted boy who loves his parents and his sisters, and often just longs for a little extra time and affection. I am thankful for our 'outing' that gave me a few sweet moments with my boy.

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