Sunday, November 18, 2012

So about this baby we're having...

Goodness, poor baby #4 doesn't get much press, other than an aside here and there 
that mention that I am pregnant
that I have been more sick than with any of my other babies
and I think that might be about it.

I apologize, Finnling #4. You ARE loved. And welcomed. And anticipated.
Your big sisters and brother keep me busy so I don't have as much time to blog
about anything
so it's not you. It's me :-)

So, I am now around 17 weeks along. When did that happen? Time flies when you are having fun.
Or chasing kids. Or fighting sickness. Or all of the above!
Seventeen-ish weeks means that we have the BIG ultrasound soon.

If you may remember, Nathan and I chose not to find out if we were having a boy or girl when I was pregnant with Eleanor. That was a lot of fun, and a great experience. I really did not feel any stress over 'not being able to plan' for the baby. God gave us great grace in that area, and we all anticipated the news. Of course, Georgia assumed it was a girl, and was thrilled that she was right. FYI, that is what she assumes now too. Baxter actually agrees with her, after initially saying the baby is a boy. I think B wants to be the only boy in a sea of girls.

So the ultrasound is soon. And we ARE finding out this time. It is just the right decision for us and our family and our children for us to know if this little baby is male or female. We are excited either way...and no, I have no idea or guess or inclination as to which one. This pregnancy has been both the same as others and totally different than the others. So the odds are pretty even.

We want YOU to play along! Do you think we are having a boy or a girl? Check out the poll on the right-hand side of the page and vote. The poll will close next week, and I'd love to see what everyone says!

**NOTE: the Cylon reference is a joke. Nathan and I just finished watching the Battlestar Galatica (2004) series, and have joked this entire pregnancy that the baby could be a boy, girl or a Cylon (alien). One of the main Cylons in the storyline is called Boomer, which is what we have nicknamed this child (that may continue for awhile, as we are still debating names). Thanks for playing along with us!

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