Thursday, November 15, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 15

I'm thankful for wonderful neighbors.

My next door neighbor, Amy, watches my kids about once a week, and her boys play at my house once a week too. Connor is two months older than Eleanor, and they LOVE each other. She is always ready to 'loan' me a cup of sugar or a tsp of vanilla. I use her outside trashcan when mine overflows. I am grateful for her servant's heart, and for the path we (and our kids) are wearing between our homes.

My 'across the street' neighbor Jimma is an amazing resource for handymen, repairmen, sales people, and my general go-to when I need recommendations for just about anything. She knows who to call when something goes wrong in the house, as well as when the new neighbors might be moving in.  Recently when we were searching for a 'bug expert' to inspect our home, she recommended a company that gave us prompt service and an excellent discount (good thing, too!). I am grateful that she is a native Raleigh-ite (is that the term?) and is such a great resource of information.

My 'around the corner' neighbor, Jennifer, homeschools her children, and her daughter Grace is one of Georgia's favorite people in the world. Jennifer has given wonderful advice about homeschooling, and has shared all kinds of resources with me, from links on the internet, to workbooks she is not using, to educational opportunities in the area for our children. We love our 'field trips' with this family to Marbles Children's Museum in downtown Raleigh, or our fun trips to Jumpin' Beans or Chick-Fil-A for whatever free food we can get. 

We are blessed beyond measure with terrific neighbors and a wonderful, quiet, kid and family friendly neighborhood. Thank the Lord for that, because we were completely clueless about such things when we were looking for homes. The Lord knew what we needed!

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