Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 14

I admitted that I wouldn't be very good at blogging consistently on the Days of Thanksgiving this month, and I haven't been. (I am back dating these so they fall on the days when I thought of them, even if I didn't blog about it on that exact day:-).

Today, I am thankful for my kid's catechism. We use Truth and Grace Memory Books from Founder's Press, which gives suggestions on Scripture memory and catechism questions for children by year, starting at age 2 or 3. The catechism questions are simple and rhythmic and easy to memorize, and provide a great theological foundation for our kids (and for us as we learn with them).

We don't have tons of the questions learned yet, but we know the first dozen, and today that knowledge came in handy. Georgia and Baxter had watched a children's television show that referred to the Greek gods, and after seeing it they were acting it out. Rather innocently Georgia was referring to herself as "god of thunder" or something like that.  I love that my children have active imagination, but I wanted to 'nip this in the bud.'

So I asked Georgia "Are there more gods than one?"
She looked a little guiltily at me, and said "There is only one God."
I affirmed her answer and discussed with her that there is only one God, and that to even play or joke or imagine about lower case "g" gods is to disrespect and dishonor God. Georgia wasn't intending any harm, but with her catechism questions I was able to turn it into a teaching moment.

For that, I am grateful. May God receive all the  glory.

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