Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 13

I am grateful that I am not alone on this crazy journey of parenting.

I am first and foremost a partner with my husband, given these four little blessings by God to raise and nurture and tend and teach for as long as He wills.

It is hard to parent alone. That statement does not even begin to cover how hard it must be. I know that I struggle greatly with it every time Nathan goes out of town, or I travel alone with the children. When I am a temporary single parent, my house is trashed, my kids eat "snack dinners" for every meal, a large amount of Netflix is watched, and I go without showers for days. Because I dislike going to bed by myself (that bed is cold, friends!), I stay up WAY past my bedtime. Consequently, my quiet time in the morning suffers because I can't get out of bed for staying up so late. And so it goes, repeating and growing worse each night Nathan is away. I pray that my brief moments of parenting alone give me great sympathy and compassion for single parents, for it opens my eyes to the myriad of needs they must have.

Can you tell Nathan is out of town? He is attending a conference, and we are hunkered down for a little while until he returns. I am so very thankful that he is my partner in parenting! I rejoice that God gave us to each other to walk this path of marriage and parenting together. I thank the Lord that we both serve Him, and that our purpose and goals in life are united in seeking to give God glory in all things. May our parenting be a reflection of the immense grace we have been given in Christ.

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