Monday, November 12, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 12

I am thankful for these three kids, and how much fun they have together.

When Eleanor was born, it was a tough adjustment for me, because it seemed like the big two were always either fighting or getting into some kind of trouble. Of course, it really wasn't that bad, and we passed out of that phase quickly.

As the kids have grown older, they are finding more joy in being together. Georgia and Baxter love to play together, indoors and out, and often make up elaborate stories and tales where each plays a role. Eleanor just wants to mimic anything her siblings do, especially her big sister (see how she is holding her hand in the picture below? She's completely copying!).

Georgia and Baxter have shared a room for a long time now. Two months ago, we moved Baxter into his own room and put Georgia and Eleanor together. This was to help Baxter work through his multiple sleeping issues (again!), but one of the wonderful side effects has been how Georgia and Eleanor interact. G has always been fairly sweet to E and E has always followed her around. But their affection for each other is growing and their interaction is increasing. Actually, all the kids are showing great affection for each other! They hug and kiss each other goodnight, and recently when Baxter was hurt, he wanted Georgia to kiss it, not me. Georgia sings rock-a-bye baby to Eleanor when she fusses-- how sweet is that? 

I am blessed with the close bond these three are forming. I pray that it stays strong through the years, and that their siblings will be great sources of blessing in their life always!!

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