Friday, November 02, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 2

This morning I woke up, and one of my earliest coherent thoughts was:

I am thankful for ginger ale.

So trivial and so very not essential to my life. Yet as I have dealt with more morning sickness during this pregnancy than any others, ginger ale has been a constant companion. Last night, sweet baby "Boomer" (story on the nickname later) made me very sick, as sick as I have felt in a long time. I didn't even want ginger ale or saltine crackers, my normal nausea mainstay. Thank the Lord, the worst of it subsided overnight, and I woke up this morning wanting ginger ale to soothe my empty stomach. I was thankful the nausea and headache were for the most part gone, I was thankful for a husband who bought me a ginger ale late at night, and I was (and am!) thankful that ginger (in its various forms!) is such a comfort for aching tummys.

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