Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Mother's Prayer

Last night, sweet friends gifted us with tickets to Joy: An Irish Christmas with Keith and Kristyn Getty. They also watched our children for us! The concert was a wonderful time of singing Christmas carols, listening to wonderful musicians, and reminding ourselves of the glorious story of Christ coming to earth.

One of the songs they performed was not a Christmas carol, but a mother's prayer, which is particularly poignant during the Christmas season, and especially after the tragic school shooting last week in Connecticut. I heard Kristyn Getty sing this song at The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference, and was moved, but something about being pregnant this time--let's just say I barely kept from weeping aloud. The second and third verses in particular are crucial reminders for me. I hope that these lyrics might be a blessing to you today.

A Mother's Prayer

Before you close your eyes to sleep
I have a promise still to keep
As I hold you in my arms
I pray your little frame grows strong
And that faith takes hold while you are young;
This is my prayer for you.

Hold my hand;
I'll teach you the Way to go.
Through the joys, through the tears,
The journey of these years,
May you trust Him 'til the end.
May you trust Him in the end.

This world is not as it should be,
But the Savior opens eyes to see
All that's beautiful and true.
Oh may His light fill all you are
And the jewel of wisdom crown your heart;
This is my prayer for you.

Hold my hand
I'll teach you the Way to go.
Through the joys, through the tears, 
The journey of these years,
He is with us 'til the end.
He is faithful 'til the end.

You'll travel where my arms won't reach
As the road will rise to lead your feet.
On a journey of your own.
May my mistakes not hinder you
But His grace remain and guide you through;
This is my prayer for you.

Take His hand
And go where He calls you to.
And whatever comes, seek Him
With all your heart;
This will be my prayer for you.

Father, hear my ceaseless prayer.
Oh, keep them in your care.

~Keith and Kristyn Getty
Hymns for the Modern Life (to buy this album or listen to the song, click here)

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