Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Finnlings' choir debut

Georgia and Baxter have been singing with one of our church's children's choir this fall, and they had the chance to sing for the congregation today. Georgia is second from the left on the second row, while Baxter is on the far right on the bottom row. I apologize that the video quality is not better; I forgot my camera at home, sadly! Enjoy the video. 

A few 'editorial comments' from Mommy: Baxter has said for the past few days that he wasn't going to sing (and he has definitely been rebellious recently), so we were not sure what to expect. Georgia, however, learned the music and practiced at home and was excited about the opportunity. Let's just say that it went about like expected--Baxter acted pretty clueless/nonchalant about the first song, opting to sit down at one point (you can hear me snapping to get his attention:-), then he sang part of the second song with gusto before deciding to leave the stage entirely. Given how he has been acting out at times, we were quite pleased with how he did! For the record, Baxter got upset because he didn't 'know the song', which is why he left the stage. He knew the first couple of lines, but had both refused to practice with G and not paid attention in choir class to learn anymore of the lyrics. It's a work in progress! 

Date filmed: December 16, 2012, at First Baptist Church of Durham, NC

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