Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 21 (pt. 2)

After we learned that baby #4 was a boy, we tried to find a creative way to tell our kids. There are so many creative ideas out there, but nothing seemed quite right for us (nothing against those who do those methods, but we wanted something fun for the kids and my in-laws, as well as something easy and preferably not edible since it was Thanksgiving).

We decided to keep it fairly simple, but fun. On Thanksgiving morning, instead of sleeping in, Nathan and I woke up early, and while I worked on breakfast, he decorated the living room. He put blue streamers all over everywhere, and hung the "It's A BOY!!" banner by the window. That way, the kids could see it as soon as they came downstairs, and we could show it off to the grandparents when they arrived as well.

It was a lot of fun to decorate, very inexpensive to pull off (Dollar Tree!), and brought huge smiles to the Finnlings' faces. Remember, they had been convinced that the baby was a girl. The fun decorations helped ease that pain. We also let them tell Mimi and Papa, and Auntie Ruth themselves, and we saved the banner to display when their baby brother arrives.

Georgia is showing off her baby brother's pictures!

Baxter wanted a turn as well! He's growing more excited daily that his sibling is a brother, and he was particularly tickled that we had a picture of his 'boy pieces'....such a male!

The kids could hardly contain their excitement to yell their news to Mimi and Papa!

Showing Mimi and Papa the news

Using FaceTime to tell Auntie Ruth the news (sorry sis, I know you prob don't like the pic, but I love it!)

Date taken: November 21, 2012

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