Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

I would love to put together a picture retrospective of this past year, and maybe I will do that soon. However, I'm afraid I was not too good at taking pictures or posting them regularly, so we will see if it happens. Instead, how about I just list a few highlights of our year, in general chronological order :-)

  • Eleanor turned one and started to walk. She's been running ever since!
  • Nathan became an unpaid elder at our church in January, and has stayed busy helping to shepherd the congregation. He has long desired to serve more actively in our church body, and we are blessed for him to do so at FBCD.
  • After our crazy Christmas snow of 2010, the winter of 2011-2012 only gave us one brief snow. The kids loved it...briefly as well.
  • I took my first on campus class at SEBTS in six years. It was hard work, and a lot of fun. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain knowledge about God and His word from such great teachers.
  • Nathan and I had a date to see the Broadway musical Les Miserables on its tour in Raleigh. Nathan had never seen it live, but we both love it. We saw the movie version right after Christmas (just last week!) and are making plans to see the touring show again in March.
  • Nathan returned to South Asia for a mission trip in the early spring. It was a wonderful time for him and his team, and we have become close friends with several team members since then.
  • Also in the spring, Nathan and I took a marriage retreat to celebrate our 11 year anniversary (a little late, due to weaning Eleanor). Wonderful and refreshing does not even begin to describe it!
  • June was insane as we went to DC for a Braves game, Atlanta for a family visit, New Orleans for the SBC, and Orlando for The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference. I probably missed something, but I've blocked that knowledge from my mind.
  • We spent a lot of time in our small pool this summer, and Georgia took swimming lessons to improve her skills (she did great!). I got to pass along to the Finnlings my love of the Olympics, and they enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies and several other events.
  • Nathan and I had a chance to see Chipper Jones play in Atlanta before he retired, and that was a lot of fun. The game in Atlanta made up for the horrible traffic and little time at the game we spent in DC!
  • Georgia started homeschool kindergarten in the fall, and that was going pretty well for about, oh, a day or two, when I came down with strep throat...and then didn't get better, and learned...
  • Baby #4 is due in spring 2013! Surprise surprise!
  • The Finns traveled to Louisville in September for our first family visit since Nathan and I moved away in 2004. We had a delightful time visiting old 'stomping' grounds and catching up with old friends.
  • In the fall, Baxter turned 4 and Georgia turned 6. Baxter started having sleep issues, and Georgia lost two teeth. We spent a family day at the State Fair (one of favorite family outings), the kids dressed up for Halloween, and we took a trip to the NC Zoo.
  • A good part of the fall was low key because of my morning sickness issues, but we also had excitement with Eleanor injuring her ankle and requiring a cast and physical therapy. 
  • Right before Thanksgiving, and Mimi and Papa's visit, we learned that baby #4 is a boy! A couple of weeks later, we decided to name him Andrew Fuller Finn. We greatly anticipate Fuller's arrival this spring.
  • December packed in Christmas parties, the kids singing in church, going to see movies/musicals/concerts, and travels to see family. By God's grace, 2012 has ended well, and we look forward to what wonderful 'happenings' the year 2013 will bring. 

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