Sunday, January 06, 2013


We celebrate twelve years of wedded bliss today.

It's all been a bed of roses. 

No heartbreak or hard times. No sudden family deaths, or crazy moves away from family, or struggles to get pregnant.

No years of being poor seminary students who got excited to find change in the couch cushions :-)

No sleepless nights, ever. No, we've been sleeping great for years and years.

Well-behaved, perfectly trained children who never act up, who potty-trained themselves, who sleep through the night and eat anything we give them and have never ever been sick.

Yep, that's our life.

If you read this blog, or know us in person, you know those above statements are NOT true. Life has not always been perfect, or easy, or stress-free, or uncomplicated. But the Lord gave us to each other to support and care for one another, to love and cherish, to walk these crazy twelve years together. I am so very grateful for every step we have taken--I cannot imagine not having Nathan Finn by my side. We rejoice in God's grace and goodness in our lives, as evidenced by twelve happy years of marriage (not just twelve okay years, but twelve years of genuine happiness in marriage and with each other--may we never take that for granted). We pray that our marriage might glorify the one who gave His life for us, and that He might grant us many more years to serve Him together.

If you want to travel down memory lane, read our story, and see my seventheighthninth, and eleventh anniversary posts (No post on year 10-E had just been born!).

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Tara said...

Happy anniversary!!!!