Saturday, February 23, 2013

Busy Bag Ideas

In the fall, I participated in a Busy Bag Swap with several other moms in my area. Basically, a busy bag is a self-contained activity for young children, packaged in a resealable bag. When you participate in a swap, each mom makes XX number of her activity (equal to the number of participants). Then, one day the goodies are swapped, and each person goes home with a variety of new fun activities for their children. Busy bags aim for children to learn fine motor skills, to recognize colors/shapes/letters, and to encourage independent play. There are TONS of ideas available on the internet, many more than what I have linked below. I am coordinating another local busy bag swap hopefully to be completed before Fuller arrives, so the littler Finnlings can have fun activities to keep them occupied while Mommy is nursing :-) If you've participated in a busy bag swap, I'd love to hear what your favorite activity was! The youngest Finnling LOVES Pom Pom Push It In, while Finnling #2 enjoys the Playdough Activity Mat. Even though G is a little older than most of the target ages for busy bags, she enjoys playing with several of the activities we received.  

**If you are local to Wake Forest, and want to participate, let me know!! I'd love to have you join us.**

Play Dough Busy Bag Ideas

Pasta Pictures Busy Bag

Pinchers and Pom Poms

Pool Noodle Stringing

Foam Lacing Cards

Shape Silhouette Match-Up (print and laminate both pages. Cut out colored shapes and have kids match to outlines)

Pop the Popsicle

Build Your Own Cupcake

Pom Pom Stuff-It-In

Felt Fishing

Sticky Pipe Cleaners

Butterfly Symmetry Busy Bag

Button Snake

Dry Erase Busy Bag Ideas

Counting Cards

Clothesline Busy Bag

Build a Letter

Foam Shapes

Craft Stick Busy Bag Ideas

16 Busy Bag Ideas and More Ideas from Money Saving Mom and Even more ideas and Still More Suggestions and in case you haven't had enough, 30 Busy Bag Ideas

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