Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mary Poppins date with Georgia

Nathan and I are season ticket holders for the Broadway musical series at the Durham Performing Arts Center. When I learned that Mary Poppins would be in Durham this February, I planned and eagerly anticipated taking Georgia. I told her about it the day before, and she was SO excited. She planned her fancy outfit, and insisted on picking out a fancy one for me as well. 

My goodness, this precious girl is too big!

The other Finnlings wanted in on the picture too--shocking! Only two of us are looking at the camera, but this pretty much captures my kids!

Georgia LOVES the movie Mary Poppins, so she was very excited about seeing the musical. It is based on both the movie and the books by P.L. Travers, so it did not adhere perfectly to the plot of the movie. That caused quite a few questions from Georgia, but since there were a lot of other children in the theater, she was not the only one talking :-) She enjoyed the show, as well as the snacks that we sneaked out during the first act to purchase. We came back in shortly before intermission, and then decided to walk around the lobby during intermission. I took her by the merchandise table to buy a souvenir, and surprisingly she picked a child's version of Mary Poppins umbrella (I had thought about a t-shirt, but not my girlie!). She has wanted an umbrella of her own for a long time, but I expected she would want a princessy one. Not this time!

When intermission was finished, it was after nine p.m., and Georgia was tired. She admitted as much, and said she wanted to go home. I explained that if we left we could not return, and she would miss the last of the show, and she said that was okay. Her specific words were "I'm tired, and I miss my daddy." So sweet (and though I am sorry to not finish the show, this pregnant mommy was eager to return home too)!

As a note, because this show drew from both the movie and the books, I did not find it quite as magical as the movie itself. The set was fantastic--the home looked like a dollhouse opening up--the costumes were perfect, and the actors/musicians were fantastic. However, I must say that I missed the penguins, and the tea party on the ceiling. The kids were much more bratty and mean, and the father was more than just detached--he ignored his children and belittled his wife. I know that there is a happily-ever-after ending, but unfortunately I did not find the first half of the show as delightful as the movie. That's my review in a nutshell.

Date taken: February 12, 2013

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