Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello Third Trimester!

I have officially entered the third trimester of my pregnancy.

The end is in sight. Deep breaths, no panicking allowed! Just kidding. I am torn between being ready for Fuller to arrive, so we can start this crazy life as a family of six...and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of another newborn and wanting to delay it as long as possible. Time flies when you are having fun, and chasing three little Finnlings.

Praise the Lord, I passed my glucose test. There was no reason to think I had gestational diabetes, but I did not pass the one hour test with Pregnancy #1 and #2. The three hour test is boring and generally no fun, so I am glad to not have to deal with it again. My blood pressure is great (it tends to run lower than higher), and my weight gain is good (less than 20 lbs so far). I'm feeling bigger and more 'unwieldy', though I know that I am not big--I am big for me, and there is a small human being growing inside of me.

In God's gracious providence to us, we don't really need anything for Fuller. My lovely next door neighbor passed along her son's outgrown clothes, so Fuller has lots of cute outfits! We still have most of the equipment from our first baby, so though things are little old, they still work. Other than diapers (and we even have a few of those already), I feel rather prepared for Fuller's arrival, at least in the 'supply' category.

Please know that we appreciate your prayers as this pregnancy comes to a close--that Fuller will be healthy and arrive in a timely manner as the Lord wills, that I will maintain my health and strength throughout the remaining days in this pregnancy, and that our family will quickly adjust to life with a new baby again!

Self portrait in a dirty mirror--approx. 30 weeks

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