Saturday, February 02, 2013

Wake Forest Christmas Parade

The Finns LOVE the Wake Forest Christmas Parade. Last year we started the tradition of eating at La Foresta in downtown Wake Forest, then simply stepping outside the restaurant to watch the parade pass. We do not regularly eat there, so it is a fun treat during the Christmas season.

While we waited for our food (La Foresta is yummy, but not quick), the waitress gave the Finnlings pizza dough to play with. It was not sticky at all, and the kids had a good bit of fun with it...

To the point of Eleanor just eating the dough itself, crazy girl!

After lunch, we headed outside to watch the parade. Our friends the Whitfields joined us and we all had a wonderful time.

Look at this adorable miniature horse! 

Eleanor had SO MUCH fun! She would bop and dance to the bands and wave to anyone that waved to her!

The big Finnlings learned quickly that people were handing out candy, and they would beg for it! We had to start rationing it out :-)

Look at these girls' hair! Straight from a Dr. Seuss book! 

Date taken: December 8, 2012

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