Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Fuller Update

Today, I got to see Fuller's sweet face again! It was a joy to see him moving and practicing breathing and showing off his flexibility skills with his foot by his head. Any reason to view my baby is a blessing.

But why did I get to see him again? Well, because last week at my regularly scheduled doctor's appointment, I was measuring small. What that means is that the external measurement of the size of my uterus did not match the length of my pregnancy. This has happened before...in fact, three times before, with each previous pregnancy. For some reason, toward the end of my pregnancy, my measurements do not line up with how far along I am in the pregnancy. With Georgia, Baxter and Eleanor, this did not come up until further along (around weeks 36-37, if I remember correctly)--but it still came up. And with each one, the baby measured fine, my fluid levels measured fine, and all was okay. In fact, with Baxter, when they measured him he was over 6 lbs (at 37 weeks). I asked them just to go ahead and take him out! When the doctor examined me last week, she commented that I wasn't very big, but neither was my baby. When I measured small, she ordered an ultrasound to make sure that everything was okay. I felt pretty confident that things were just fine with Fuller, but being a good mommy, I understood the need to check.

There is nothing to be worried about AT ALL. Fuller is healthy and growing and already a good size. The sonogram technician measured his head first, and I said "That looks like a good-sized head to me." She grinned and said "Actually, it's a little bit above average in size!" She did a pretty quick scan and said that things looked good, and that I may just have small babies. I told her that my other babies were all over 7 lbs--to which she replied "That's not that small!" No kidding :-)

Sonogram and doctor confirmed that Fuller is healthy, already over four pounds, and in the 65% percentile for his gestation. The supervising doctor said that he is on track to be 7 1/2 - 8 lbs when he arrives. He said he would be surprised if he was over 8 pounds, and I'll definitely take less than that. I am glad to know that my boy is growing and developing well, his heartbeat is strong and steady and all looks good. Just to be certain, I asked the doctor if there would be any cause to worry if I continued to measure small, and he said that the scan they did today is an excellent predictor of how the baby is growing, and there is no reason to think there should be further issues in that area. 

My cute boy passed his 'test' with flying colors! It's hard to believe that we could be meeting him in less than two months.

Oh, and I forgot one of the best pieces of news--Fuller is already head down! Of course that *might* change, but it is a good sign that he is already in position. Pray he stays that way!

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