Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eleanor's MRI update

Quick post to follow up on Eleanor's MRI--again, she was a trooper, did well, and recovered quickly. On Wednesday her specialist called to talk through the results. Good news is that there is no injury to her ligaments, bones, tendons, or growth plates. Nothing serious is wrong with Eleanor's ankle! Praise the Lord! She does, however, have a cartilage bruise on the spot where her mobility is limited, as well as some slight swelling in that area. This explains both why her recovery has been slow, and why she has not been able to move forward in certain aspects of her physical therapy. Cartilage injuries are deep and take a long time to heal. The doctor has recommended that we continue physical therapy and seek for slow and steady improvement. He would like to follow up with her in a couple of months to see for himself if there is improvement. We may explore the possibility of a small brace that would not limit her mobility but would give her support where she needs it. Thanks for all your prayers, friends!

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Erin said...

As someone with a recent ankle injury, I think the brace is a great idea. Even now, I have trouble walking in my bare feet. My (ugly) boots are a life saver, but even just wearing flat house shoes helps me a lot. That extra little bit of support makes a huge difference for me. It might for her, too, though I know getting a toddler to wear something like that is probably easier said than done. {{{hugs}}}