Monday, September 30, 2013

Finnling #4 is five months old!

Fuller's five month stats:

Weight: 15 lbs. 12 oz (50%)
Height/Length: 25 1/2" (50%)
Head Circumference: 42 cm (50%)

Under 'normal' circumstances, you don't get statistics for five months, because the typical well-check visit is at four months. However, I put off Fuller's appointment for long enough that he was almost five months old when he went in :-) I love to see that our little guy is right on track and blissfully average!

Other milestones:
Cuteness on overload
Lots of smiles and giggles
Ability to turn himself in a complete circle on his back--but no rolling over yet!
Newly discovered LOVE of bathtime and splashing
Lack of desire to sleep through the night

We are SO blessed to have this sweet guy in our lives!

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