Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The tooth fairy

Georgia lost her fifth tooth recently. And by lost, I mean she almost popped it out eating an apple, then spent some time alternating between crying about not wanting it out, and begging for her daddy to come home and help take it out. See, teeth are NOT my thing. Pretty much makes my stomach turn seeing a tooth wiggle and come loose. Nathan is the responsible man who takes care of it for me. Sadly, though, on this day, Nathan was not going to be home and so I had to take care of it.

Baby teeth are so stinking little. How in the world are we supposed to help get them out of the kid's mouth? Gracious. It took three times, but we were able to get the tooth. See the excitement and the tears? Pretty typical of a tooth removal. 

Our Finn family ritual--Nathan buys the tooth from Georgia.
That night (or a night or two later if Mommy forgets), Georgia puts the tooth in her tooth pillow, puts the little pillow under her big pillow, and I sneak in to get it during the night.
I leave her a note when I take the pillow.
Sometimes it is just a note. Sometimes I give her a 'coupon' for something fun as well.
It is a lot for a little tooth, but it is still special.
There is no 'real' tooth fairy in our house, and sometimes that makes Georgia sad, but I remind her that Mommy and Daddy still want to bless her.

By the way, this precious little pillow she is using was mine from childhood! Love that!

Date taken: 9/23/2013

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