Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Date Night at the Fair 2013

We LOVE the North Carolina State Fair. We practically count the days until it returns again. As we did last year, we had a date night without the kids (except for Fuller, who refuses to take a bottle), and then a family day with everyone. Below are the pictures of our date night.

Obligatory shot of the fairgrounds from gate 8 :-) It was still light when we arrived but it got dark quickly!

Fuller was our chaperone since he does not like to take a bottle. He was a champ, though, and never fussed or complained about being out and about with mommy and daddy. He is quite the charmer, too, and made everyone ooh and aah over him.

You go to the fair for the food. Nathan had a beef sharwa:

and Leah had a country ham biscuit and sweet potato crisps (from the NC State Farmer's Market restaurant). The biscuit was SO good that we bought another before we left the fair and saved it for breakfast the following morning.

The largest pumpkin!

I love the imagination on display in these decorated pumpkins/gourds

Goats...eating..shocker, I know.

My favorite part of the fair is the flower exhibit! I love seeing the winning flowers/plants, and how people display their gardening skills.

Family pictures:

Delicious fried pumpkin pie!

Good night, State Fair! It was a blast!

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