Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pottery from the NC State Fair

At the NC State Fair, there is a building called "The Village of Yesteryear." Inside the building are artisans who display a wide variety of artistry and craftsmenship, from painting to weaving to pottery to wood carving and more. We LOVE to wander through the exhibits and see all the wonderful works of art that people create. I am drawn to the pottery especially. Did you know that Seagrove, NC, is famous for its pottery? We have not visited Seagrove yet but I would love to!  This year we came home with three pieces of pottery from Turn and Burn Pottery--two coffee mugs and a lovely blue-green vase. The dark veined pattern on the vase is created using horsehair, which I think is fascinating. The potters sign each of their pieces with a scripture verse, which is a lovely touch, and led to a sweet short conversation about the gospel. May God be praised and glorified as they use their art for His glory!

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