Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A brief note about my blogposts

So, anyone who actually reads this blog knows that I blog in spurts. I am sorry about that, but such is life with multiple small children. I am hoping to spend some time this semester catching up on the blog...but I have a LOT to catch up on, and still have four kids to corral, so we will see. Thanks for bearing with me as my 'blog-writing' desire comes and goes. Just for you to know, I plan to post date my blogspots so they will be in the correct 'spot' after they are initially posted. That is, if I remember to go back and do that:-) Also, sometime last year my nice camera battery died, so I bought a new battery (it's a Sony camera, and Sony is proprietary about its batteries so I couldn't use AA or anything). And then the charger for the battery stopped working...so for several months now I have been using the camera on my iPhone. It is not my preference, but right now it is much easier to snap a picture with my phone than to drag my bigger camera around with me. One day, maybe, I may save up for a DSLR...or buy a new charger for my Sony...but right now, it's the iPhone. It works. Thanks for staying with me, my dear two or three readers. Love you lots.

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